Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lost code monkey

I'm writing code that address issues brought up by the postdocs in my lab, which is essential what an undergrad does - be a code monkey. Great.

On top of that I haven't made anything either, which might be why I'm moody. Rather my "extra" time has been spent on event planning - I threw a dinner party for my dept on Friday, did a tree planting ceremony on campus yesterday, and am preparing for a guest speaker's visit this Friday...

I also concluded that art is not my future. I sat in on another art talk and was not inspired at all. I think my energy will be go towards how I'm to return to engineering. Yeah, I'm a lost code monkey addicted to Latin pop like this.


  1. Code monkeys are cool!

    My paypal is sglinert@aol.com

    Love that little white shawl!

  2. Hi LittleBean--

    If you still want my DIC, could you paypal me at sglinert at aol dot com?