Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Bean arrives!

Little Bean arrived this afternoon for another delightful holiday visit in the Bay. This time it's for gefilte fish and Easter bunnies! We've already done the New Year's bubbly and Valentine's chocolate...perhaps to the dismay of lB's boyfriend, whom I have yet to meet. He seems too charming to be real, and thus my default causal reasoning suggests that he is actually a string of zeros and ones. =P I wait to be proven otherwise.

In amidst the catching up and boy gossip, we shared our wearable creations with each other:

Below is the adorable knee-high sock lB is making:

lB being cute with her token sock:

Me modelling my "neurd" dress:

Guess I'm a Phashion Designer (aka PhD) in the making. Ok, ok, I'm lay off the puns now and leave you with a hilarious clip of quality professor evaluations instead.

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