Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The Dress"

lB mentioned "the Dress" - yes, that d must be capitalized! To provide background on "the Dress", it all started yesterday when lB and I went shopping at H&M. We picked up some tops to try on, and in passing, I picked up a short metallic black-gray dress as the silly item to try on.

To our surprise, that dress made me look hot and hugged my curves so wonderfully well. Both of us fall in the "cute" category, never the "hot" category, so the fact that this Dress made me look hot was remarkable. Unfortunately, I didn't feel justified in buying it, so I let it go.

We continued shopping, but all I could think about was the Dress. I eventually decided that I would go on a date in this Dress...with the guy who wanted to take me out a while back. I even called him a couple times during our shopping outing in hopes of gauging his interest in a proper fancy date. He didn't pick up though. Nonetheless, lB and I decided to return to H&M for the Dress - after all, if he doesn't ask me out within a month, I could always return the Dress.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the Dress anywhere when we returned to H&M.

We even went back today. This time the Dress existed, but in all sizes, except for size 2! grr... Anyhow, I got the description and will call the store in hopes of getting this dress and an amazing future date. Can't wait to leave that boy utterly speechless.

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