Sunday, April 12, 2009

Playing with food

I'm dB, and I'm 12 years old*. I play with my food:

It's some type of owl (or panda meets lemur, according to lB).

* on occasion I'm 3...or 25.

lB and I made Easter dinner, which was nontraditional. There was a Venezuelan theme dinner complete with pabellón, yuca frita, arepa con queso, plátanos fritos, and white rice. The black beans it wasn't a proper traditional Venezuelan meal. >_<

Everything looked nice and golden.

And bunny-fied lB did a pretty job with the plating.

She's a personified spring.

Here's your virtual Venezuelan dinner (lB says, "heeheehee. You can't eat it."):

Starting from the white rice going clockwise, there's the fried plantains (plátanos fritos) topped with fried yucca (yuca frita), pulled beef (pabellón) with a touch of cheese on top, a corn meal pancake stuffed with white cheese (arepa con queso), and the black beans that didn't cook enough. We continued cooking the beans through dinner, but forgot about them. Sadly, by the time we remembered them again, they were dried out and unedible. Blasted!

As if we didn't make enough food, lB whipped out her mad dessert skills and made us strawberry shortcake, featured below:

Handmade whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and crispy light biscuits...yummmmmm.

What a fabulous Easter meal! (Neglecting the fact that I almost poisoned lB by serving her beef...terrible friend I am.)

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