Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dairy Queen

My friend, E, who i'm staying with in Portland is known for her milky complexion. But also for the vast amounts of dairy she (and therefore we) consume.

I already started with a new love in the first part of my trip: yogurt based popsicles (a three layer berry/apricot/berry from Zuni when I was in the city.) Delightfully tart and zesty.

Last night was a pretty awesome buttermilk ice cream--a must try to make in the home ice cream maker!

Today we hit the road to the Tillmook cheese factory where we had samples, bought squeeky curds and an ungodly amount of cheese, had a wonderfully milky smooth (not grossly clot-y) clam chowder, and for our hearts sake, some roadside berries.


Also there were all these signs around Tillmook for "Pig N Ford". Well, we didn't know what that was. But there did seem to be a lot of fancy old roadsters around the area visiting the cheese factories. Once we got home to look it up:

Think we just missed something great.

*UPDATE-mac'n'cheese made with smoked pepper cheddar and dark IPA-yum

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Bracingly cold, freshly green, beer, yarn, books, food.

Private to the boy: wish you were here.

World Cup Part lB

Yes you look quite fetching as a Spanish flag, dB. (And the tapas at the bar afterward were delicious and spiced nicely with crazy, enthusiastic Spanish chanting/dancing/kissing). But I watched the game at a very different venue than you: my big gay Mexican friend had a delightful beer-brunch in the Castro to celebrate.

And the important things I learned about football:

1. No matter how close to the screen you get, you cannot makeout with the hot Spanish team members.

2. There was a lot of overdramatic injury antics--and the finely flambouyant men I was with had suprisingly little patience for it.

3. On the field, a football player's "sex face" is most likely to be seen during the close-up head bunt shots.

Needless to say, my company knew as little about football as I did ("Go Orange!" "What's happening?" "Is this suppose to take so long?" "This is kinda like softcore porn--no penis!") but were enthusiastic nonetheless.

Good times.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm a Spanish flag!

I watched the World Cup final match in San Francisco, dressed as a Spanish flag.

Here's a better comparison of me and a real Spanish flag: