Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Simple Life

Am in Boston, was in New York. Writing, reading, knitting. Life is good.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Go-Betweens

I'm stressed. I can't sleep I'm so paralyzed by the worry. Need to write. So inarticulate at the moment. Ugh.

Thank god for the Go-Betweens.

Will be back if I ever emerge from the current cloud.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bunny takes on Utah

I spent part of last week in Salt Lake City for a conference. The conference itself was cool - people seemed interested in my lab's work, which is a sharp contrast to the other conference I presented at in August. One guy even helped me model my data!

Anyhow, here are some non-science-oriented highlights from my trip:

1. It snowed the first night! The next morning I was greeted with a white and sparkly walk to the conference, conveniently located a block away from the hotel I was staying at.

2. While visiting Temple Square, I was tagged as a Japanese tourist by two Mormon sisters, who were from Mongolia and Japan. The below photo is the Assembly Hall...with an almost eerie-self-righteous halo around it... Oh, and to the right is the hotel I stayed at. It's holy too. j/k.

Ok, that photo isn't that eerie. The eerie one is the one below. I swear that church has an evil grin on its face, not to mention two beady, glowing eyes!

3. One lunch break I went to the Beehive Tea Room and Wedding Library to dine on tea sandwiches for the first time. I love how white sandwich bread becomes gourmet when you trim the crust off with scalloped scissors.

4. I checked out the University of Utah, because it's become a tradition for me to visit the local university whenever I'm vacationing.

5. During my stroll from U of U back to downtown, I came across a stellar dessert stop. I did not go in surprisingly enough. I did pause long enough to snap a couple photos of the place:

6. Last but not least, I found myself a mini shot glass! They are incredibly difficult to find! It's to the right of another shot glass I bought, well because I really couldn't resist:

So yeah, go eat, drink, and listen to this. Don't end up in Utah tomorrow!