Friday, February 18, 2011

Neuroscience Cartoons

I drew neuroscience-themed cartoons based on this question:

If neuroscientists used their methodologies and applied them to the dating scene, i.e., figuring out what hairdo the ladies prefer, what might that look like?

This is what I imagine it to look like:

~ Cellular neuroscientist ~

~ Neurophysiologist ~

~ Neuroimager ~

~ Theoretical neuroscientist* ~
* May also apply to modellers

And now back to real neuroscience!

Explanation for the non-neuroscientists:

  • Pretend ladies/girls are neurons
  • The cellular neuroscientist studies girls' hair preferences based on direct manipulation of one girl
  • The neurophysiologist studies girls' hair preferences based on a collective rating from many girls (and neighboring noise, like boys who happen to rate the pictures too)
  • The neuroimager studies girls' hair preferences indirectly by seeing how frequently girls are friends with guys of certain hairdos
  • Lastly, the theoretical neuroscientist approximates girls' behavior from a model system which may or may not care for hairdos like girls

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marshmallow Winslow art

I just gave a talk today and am now unwinding with some art, while listening to TED talks.

Although I don't follow Questionable Content, my first look at the iPod character Winslow was that "He's a cute marshmallow!"

Oh, come on. Don't you see the resemblance?

Anyhow, I have literally made a marshmallow Winslow. See below for production photos. Marshmallow Winslow is 100% edible and (sadly) 0% electronic.

Setting up camp

Squishy pieces constructed

Time for painting!

Aww, he's so anime-like and kawaii

He smiles at you. ;)

Chilling cuz life as a marshmallow's awesome