Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorting out life

How goes the life-sorting, lB?

I'll be visiting your territory next week and bringing Spanish chocolate for you. I'm free for dinner Thursday night and/or Saturday night. What fits your schedule?

As for my life-sorting, I think I've reached a good point - I'm refreshed from my first journey across the Atlantic to beautiful Spain (and France). I'm already dreaming about going back, especially to Barcelona! I adore the art nouveau look that Gaudi sprinkles upon the city. It's far nicer than the rigid art deco look of NYC or the lacking art of SF and HK. From the trip, I've realized that I was meant to live in a walkable city, so after I get my PhD, I'm inclined to move eastward to Boston or Europe. My lingering ideas of moving to HK or Singapore are rather remote now - both cities lack science/technology and art in comparison.

I'm also happy in lab. Experiments are moving forward, albeit slowly. I'm starting to feel useful and proficient at what I do at last! My extracurricular project at Noisebridge is serving as a great outlet for my need to create, and this semester I'm taking a course on tangible user interfaces (TUIs). The class has confirmed my love for soldering, building, and electronics, and more importantly, has made me realize that my thought process is best utilized in science and engineering. More precisely, bioengineering. I was offended when a guest professor made light of my interest in biometrics for TUIs by retorting with "Anyone can slap on sensors." He clearly has no idea what many scientists and engineers do on a daily basis...

I've come to realize that regardless of what I do, I will always be meek and uncertain about myself. Perhaps it's an inferiority complex. C'est la vie.

Ending on a girly note: my love life is stable too. Single and comfortably so! Still not over my past, but at last I can live by myself for once. I don't need a guy besides me...well unless perfect he magically shows up. I've now openly accepted the fact that I do in fact have a type preference. For so long, I tried being open-minded and practice equal opportunity in dating, but alas, I'm attracted to certain things: drive, sense of adventure, talent in the performing arts (to contrast with my abilities in the plastic arts), football (aka soccer) passion, metro style, and the most superficial of all - guys who look like Ricky Martin or Kak√° (below middle between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi):

I love this blogger's comment to the following photo too:
"clearly, ronaldo can also see how hot kaka is." She's totally right! Though I'd cave to the bad-boy look that Ronaldo sports.

lol, I always end up talking about boys with you, lB, huh? The things you put up with! =P