Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World Cup Part lB

Yes you look quite fetching as a Spanish flag, dB. (And the tapas at the bar afterward were delicious and spiced nicely with crazy, enthusiastic Spanish chanting/dancing/kissing). But I watched the game at a very different venue than you: my big gay Mexican friend had a delightful beer-brunch in the Castro to celebrate.

And the important things I learned about football:

1. No matter how close to the screen you get, you cannot makeout with the hot Spanish team members.

2. There was a lot of overdramatic injury antics--and the finely flambouyant men I was with had suprisingly little patience for it.

3. On the field, a football player's "sex face" is most likely to be seen during the close-up head bunt shots.

Needless to say, my company knew as little about football as I did ("Go Orange!" "What's happening?" "Is this suppose to take so long?" "This is kinda like softcore porn--no penis!") but were enthusiastic nonetheless.

Good times.

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