Monday, April 6, 2009

Sounding off

Packing for California (can everything fit in a small backpack and my messenger bag?) and listening to some tunes.

But here's a confession. I write enough usually to assume that even my co-blogger doesn't even read my entire posts. Will I continue my long, slightly pedantic academic musings? Yeah. Probably. I'm pretty unafraid of professional retribution from this weird little blog.

The converse of that is that I say what I mean kind of without regard to public opinion. Such a revelation is to follow: I listen to this song a lot. To my defense, I know the guy (he spent his getting famous years in San Diego coffee shops while I was growing up). Even though this song is now featured prominently in various commercials and (lyrically) mundane as f!@#, it's catchy and his Tracy Chapman like voice is intriguing. Who the hell scats anymore? Let alone in a top 20 song. Plus I'm jealous. If I owned an avocado farm, I'm sure I wouldn't think about anything except for hippy happy thoughts too.

Enough embarrassment for now. I'm knitting these:Gonna watch this old xlr8r video and catch the jet plane to that record store.

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  1. fyi: I read every word of your every post. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!