Thursday, July 30, 2009

re: Clothes I Wish I Could Afford

That suit is too cute, dB. I especially love the jacket. I'm not really a pencil skirt kind of girl but the whole thing looks so classy.

You know I prefer shopping on etsy and other smaller places (though god know most my clothes are free hand me downs and target and h&m). I also like Anthropologies' stuff but thank goodness it doesn't matter because their clothing is all too big for me.

I wish this were my new summer dress:

I'm not even sure this would look good on me. But I love the pockets and pleating (and the colored stockings):

If I had a lot of money, and I was the kind of girl who partied (your black and white must be rubbing off on me):

Ugh. I'm in a dress mood apparently. I think most of these are like an roundtrip ticket to California or a good portion of my rent. Sigh and sigh.

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  1. heehee. The first dress is totally you! The color, the comfortable and relaxed look, the cuteness of it all. =)