Monday, July 20, 2009

Light-up Pastries with LED and Edible Silver Paint

In my attempt to make glowing cake, I've purchased edible silver glaze that's normally used to color fondant to paint "wires" on baked goods. These photos and videos show my impromptu collaboration with Chris (narrator) at Noisebridge, in which we coated a Madeleine cookie with some silver glaze and used the glaze as wires to link an LED in the cookie to wires from the power source. We used 15.26 V, 40 mA current limit from a power supply to drive the LED, so there's more work to be done on lowering the power. The arduino circuit board controls the blinking property of the LED. Later in the afternoon, we experimented on a cinnamon roll and compared the LED with a surface mount LED that's super bright. They photographed well under the Sunday sunshine.

Our work bench:

Close-up of Madeleine (Shot taken during the "off" portion of the blinking):

Two LEDs with wires going through the edible silver glaze coated on top of a cinnamon roll:

Here are two videos of the madeleine and cinnamon roll circuits. We can now officially make breadboards literally out of bread with functions of a breadboard. How stellar!

Madeleine cookie LED circuit
Cinnamon roll LED circuit

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