Friday, July 24, 2009

500 days of summer

This is the only romantic-comedy i've wanted to see in years. Why is San Diego not a "major city" worthy it's limited release? Ugh.

Oldie but goodie. Hard to find great clips and couldn't decide on one anyways (though my favorites include the dying wife/mother cooking her last dinner, the old woman who perversely squeezes food in a market to destruction, and the ample amount of food sex between a mobster and his moll girlfriend).

Sorry the subtitles are in German. The end of the French dining scene, the "how to eat spagheti western style" scene, and the one easiest to watch without knowing one of the two languages, a food sex scene (starts about 6:20 into the clip).


  1. You and your boy can see 500 Days of Summer together when you visit me. It'd be a cute date!

    Interesting clip. Seems rather odd to salt your girl before eating her.

  2. My housemate and I saw 500 Days of Summer tonight. Loved it! The break up is very real. I still feel like I'm at that stage.