Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I did today

1. Bunny's roommate's grandmother was here this morning. Cutest old Taiwanese lady ever.

2. Cal day--an event I NEVER attended as a student but I had fun at the two labs we stopped in on. How to control flying insects and how to program a computer to program itself to fly a helicopter. Makes me wish I studied my sciences harder.

3. Eating and shopping downtown. Bought the most expensive bra I've ever owned--not fancy, but fitting and functional--am I growing up? And more excitingly chocolate. We stopped in pretty much every chocolate shop we saw and I had my first piece of Oriol Balaguer (olive oil flavored=absolutely amazing).

4. Dinner with old friends in which food was the topic, event and object of our dreams. Not to mention the sort of hilarious sight of the civilian safety group in fantastically cheezy military-gay ware.


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