Saturday, April 24, 2010


What does it even mean - like-mindedness? Does it mean to have similar dreams, lifestyles, personalities, values?

I get such different answers. My mom thinks common language and culture are vital. Others emphasize religion: "I would have married him/her, but I would have had to marry God too." Yet when I see my married friends A & R with such contrasting personalities, culture, and religions, I can feel the homophrosyne. I wonder if I exuded that foursome years ago. I need perspective.

On a tangent, while lB perfects her Thomas Keller fried chicken, I'm working on mastering fried yuca as a side for pabellón. Last Sunday I selected my personal best yuca root, and the resulting fries were quite delicious. Learning to cook by trial-and-error sure takes forever...but imitating the Keller's Hispanic analogue Ferran Adià is unfathomable!

My take on homophronsyne drawn a couple years ago:

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