Sunday, January 31, 2010

Handcrafted Earrings

Thanks lB for the year of cuteness! It's so kawaii! =) Hope you and your boy are sleeping well.

My Noisebridge-affiliated art has expanded. We're now working on two projects - the pulse choker (convertible to bra) that will light up in different patterns in time to the wearer's heart beat and a wearable breathalyzer armband (convertible to necklace). The convertible versions demarcated in parentheses will be jazzed up and chic, i.e. all electronics will be hidden with no black boxes peeking through. It's become much easier to camouflage circuits now that we've found the sewable circuits Aniomagic offers!

Last week my collaborator built the truth wristband kit, which has provided tons of fun. There were a couple mirrored pieces of plastic shaped like lightning bolts that were extraneous from the kit. We thought that they'd make for cool earrings. And yes, they do:

Lightning storm earrings
Mirrored plastic piece as bolt, wire as cloud, Swarovski crystal bead as rain drop

While I was at it, I turned some laptop keys into earrings. These earrings cater to the web programming geek with one earring as the '<' key and the other as the '>' key that go around your head to stand for the <head> command used in html programming of web pages:

<head> earrings
laptop keys, wire, plastic beads

One last shot with all the earrings together:

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