Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another light-up bra

After meeting Nwanua and Ali, the founders of Aniomagic, this past weekend, I found great parts for my next bra-hacking project.

This bra has 5 LEDS of various colors that can be flashed with different patterns. The flashing patterns are controlled by a neat schemer chip Aniomagic has developed. The programming of the chip is so elegant. It's done online in a beautiful user-friendly interface that literally flashes different patterns of light onto a photoresistor to reprogram the schemer. There's also an on-off switch, which I've placed near the edge where the bra cup meets the strap.

I hid the center blue LED behind a pink Swarovski crystal bead, which serves to diffuse the light and keep the bra looking non-geeky by keeping all of the electronics hidden. The rest of the LEDS are behind the black lace and peak out from the centers of the lacey flowers.

Below is a photo of my pink geeky attire - the light-up bra and my USB necklace, which I made a while back:

For the grand finale, the bra in blinky mode:

Still so much to learn about soft circuits! And the brain! Hopefully I can get hired in the future - definitely not going to become a politician with the type of art and science I do. =P

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