Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Light-up bra

I've always loved light. Working on optical trapping in a lab-on-a-chip device was fun!

But I've also always loved art. Consequently, to integrate the two, I've started adding lights into my jewelry...and lingerie.

The below piece is my color-changing LED bra. Tucked between the cups of the bra is an encasing with a couple watch batteries, an LED, and an on-off switch. The light from the LED goes through a fanned array of fiber optics, which serves as the center piece of the "necklace". The fiber optics will peek up from a moderately modest shirt. (I'd pair it with a deep square neck top to keep with the straight contour lines.)

The center piece is secured to the straps circling the neck, and all components are detachable. Hence, not only is it convenient to change batteries, you can still throw the bra and bra straps into the washing machine.

Bra used was from the Victoria's Secret: Sexy Little Things collection, RN# 72409.

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  1. Circular neck line works too! Finally took a video of it: