Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm giving you a digital hug, dB. We'll definately go when you're in town.

In my inability to write or sleep recently (the two go hand in hand it seems... I can't write if I don't sleep enough and I can't sleep from panic and worry if I don't write enough) I've been instead listening a lot to my favorite radio show. I want to hate the Swami persona but hell, this Saturday's show had the Buzzcock's Love You More back to back with Betty Davis, The Fascinations, and the opening track from the Ghost World (Bollywood, not the Zwigoff/Clowes one) sdtk. What's not to love?

Speaking of that Buzzcock's single, it's the central feature in one of the shorts in the new Wholphin. Do you know what a wholphin is dB? I'm sure you'd like it (the animal, if not the DVD mailings.)

The best thing on this issue was the documentary "Kids + Money" about the effects growing up in LA surrounded by a very materialistic, economically driven culture. Why are documentaries about kids always the best and most entertaining? How unguarded they are? How insightful--yet seemingly innocent it seems? I'm sure those are all false to some degree--but it does seem like it. And if this doc taught me anything, it's that appearences matter.

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