Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being a happy bunny

1. I got a digital hug from lB!
2. lB taught me about wholphins.
3. My secret admirer left me a present a couple Fridays ago.
4. The present was conductive fabric, which I've been meaning to get.
5. The following day at work, I received a letter from a friend in Ghana.
6. I'm working on a new artech* project with someone at Noisebridge.
7. My housemate is lending me her mom's sewing machine, so I'm learning to sew.
8. Trip to Spain and France this August is a go.
9. lB visits again soon! (I have yet to put your pocket knife in the mail, lB.)

* artech = art + technology. It'd be a cool logo with the 't' looking like a '+'...sketches to follow.

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