Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ups and Downs of California

First the not so good:

I can't get a hold of Billy. Where are you? Out of the country fixing a satellite dish or something?

I fell asleep last night on the sofa as we were making the glowing cake (prototype #1) aforementioned by dB.

I've also seemed to have lost my cell phone charger in her 200 sq foot apartment. How does that happen? (Please email for communication purposes until otherwise notified).

They ran out of blood. Again. Only two units or around 500cc's for me. I'm still tired.

On the other hand, I've been well fed and love being here. dB and her boy (whose name is similar to my own boy--leading to much confusing conversation. Luckily our names aren't similar, except on this blog) have been entertaining and accommodating as usual.

The strangest part was the day I flew in. I started a conversation with the dude next to me from Kansas City to Oakland (he had a ride-your-bike-to-work tote filled with records dug from that godforsaken part of the American heartland.) Despite sleeping most of the flight and telling him I had a boyfriend, he asked if I wanted to get tacos in the Mission. Since I had to wait for dB to get out of lab I went. It was weird but I had nearly a perfect afternoon in the city with a complete stranger. Lugging around our duffel bags, we got burritos at Pancho Villa, ice cream at Bi-Rite (I had my stand by of salted caramel and balsamic strawberry), sat at Dolores park to watch lesbians throw around a football, looked through the stock at Aquarius records. Only an additional trip to the de Young Museum and dinner at Aziza or Nopa, perhaps starting it with a paper and brunch at Bar Tartine instead of a 5 hour flight, and doing it all with my boy rather than a random dude, would separate that from my actual ideal day in San Francisco.

(Side note: the new wing of the AI is absolutely fantastic but perhaps because it reminds me of the de Young. I wish I was feeling more up to braving the crowds when I went with the boy on Monday. They do have a fantastic collection and I've really been in the mood to see modern art recently. Maybe I'll go to the MCA or something when I get back to Chicago.)

Since I wasn't planning on going to the city at all this trip and will probably never see that dude again, thanks dude for salvaging the usually lost "travel day."

Now if I could only find my charger so I could call my boy. I miss the heck out of him. I think if it doesn't show up I might need to buy a new phone (yikes) but it'd be worth it to hear his voice.

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