Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strings of Sugar

dB and I are together on the West Coast briefly. As celebration of this momentous occurrence--a reconvening of both old friends and dissimilar minds--we did something terribly mundane and started a blog. Normally I'll be blogging from the snowy center of the country about film, music, knitting, random craft projects and general bitching about grad school and the weather. dumb Bunny's activities are a mystery to everyone, including her, but I hope she posts the cute stuff she makes to encourage me.

But tonight dB decided we needed an evening activity.
So after too many of these:

...and some encouragement of of third party (not to mention the cancellation of craft night),

Boiling sugar mixture turned into these "doodads":

:dB's animalesque figures

My atomic swirls:

Unfortunately, I was dumb bunny tonight. After not burning myself I instead got cut by hardened sugar cleaning up. Thank goodness dB has cools bandaids (she did surgery on the head to remove the brains and make it fit better on my finger.)

Oh, also if it's not obvious, this is lB, not dumb Bunny. I'll probably be the verbose one and have lots fewer pics in the future.

So that's it for now. We'll see if this gets updated ever.

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