Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kicks VS Mary Janes

Anyone who knows me, knows I haven't worn a pair of shoes with shoe laces in like 8 years. Also they know I have abnormally small feet. So while I am picky, many times I feel thankful if I can find a slightly too large shoe without animals, glitter or bows. My usual go to are children's mary janes from Keen. I own 3 pairs. I've been thinking about adding to the collection but horrors of horrors they've started adding flowers cutouts to the new ones. The only options left on Zappos anyways are these too large, last seasons Keens (size 3... I usually wear 2's for this company):So what's a girl to do? Also... there is something else on my mind. The boy (thank god boy starts with "b"--I was having a hard time thinking of a "b" nickname for him: Buster, Bear, Bunker, Bat, Bro, Break, and Beak[-er] are all not right/totally inappropriate in some way... though I'm sort of partial to Buster, name of my all time movie star crush) is a sneaker fanatic. He owns more than I do of any kind of shoe, period. In fact we went around record and shoe shopping the other day and I think he's so anxious to get me into a pair of kicks that he offered to buy me some (he's also ridiculously sweet to me).

However my unusual shoe size triumphed even as I was about to practice shoe infidelity and get an admittedly cool pair of sneakers. Since I've gotten home I've been secretly scoping these:
I don't know if I could rock the silver shoes (with laces!) but I like the graphic feel of them. I feel kind of overwhelmed though by the vast array of shoes available via the internet. I might just shut down and get these velcro Chucks instead:Black, no laces, cheap. The safest possible world. I may be unadventurous but I'm no fool.

Also, if you're not listening to this, well, why aren't you?

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