Monday, December 28, 2009


It was like the twelve days of Christmas from lB. I got a mini sock in the mail tucked inside a festive homemade envelope. Look how cute the sock is:

It came with a homemade card too. Definitely not the average holiday card! I wasn't the only fan of the sock. My mini sheep walrus has been eyeing it, while Kenya Lion has claimed it as his birthday present:

Additional gifts from lB included homemade vanilla extract and a mini folder with recipe cards. lB printed out several dessert recipes on some of the cards and decorated the backs with kitchen-themed icons. She even signed with a personalized icon.
There's plenty more blank cards for me to add my own recipes. =)

Last but not least, lB made a notebook from recycled academic papers. The cover has a cute bunny-meets-girl paper cut behind a frost layer.

Here's a nicer close-up of the paper cut:

I was lacking in the craft department right I took lB to see Avatar in 3D earlier tonight and we'll see another movie tomorrow night. Maybe Broken Embraces, An Education, or Sherlock Holmes.

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