Monday, November 23, 2009

Glowing gingerbread

I played with more light up kitchen creations this evening. The goal was a 3D gingerbread sculpture with self-contained power supply, light source, and electrical connections. Unfortunately, the gingerbread I made was a bit on the soft side, so my 3D sculpture fold onto itself...

I jazzed it up to get some 3D feel:

Below is the gingerbread without her "make-up". There's a 3V coin cell battery resting on top of one cookie. It was originally sandwiched between the two cookies that slotted together to form a spherical frame. Silver leaf runs along the battery to the LED. The LED fits nicely into the junction where the two cookies' slits meet.

I jazzed up the gingerbread with powdered sugar:

Then I added an extra triangular piece to get more height.

The triangular piece served as the shield while I sprinkled powdered sugar over the gingerbread. It protected the lightly powdered regions to the right and left of the LED and ensured that the LED could glow brightly free of sugar.

I'll return to make a proper 3D baked structure that glows when I get my next chance.

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