Thursday, August 6, 2009

High heel parking spots

Wow, if this law is true, then I'm not sure what gender equality exactly means.

According to a New York magazine article, Seoul will have pink parking spots (like those physical disability spots) for people wearing high heels so they do not strain their feet as much.

Is this really necessary?! I understand that gentlemen care about their ladies, but separating the ladies in heels from everyone else at work seems to reinforce that looks matter most for a woman above and beyond her talent in her career. I am of course assuming men wearing heels are not being encouraged by this rule. The law did play upon gender stereotypes by choosing the color of the spots to be pink after all.

It'd be nice if pink stopped being so strongly associated with the female and all the connotations of physical beauty, emotional whim, childbearing patience, demire elegance, selfish nurturing, technological ineptitude...

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